Cast Comments

  • Koga Kitamikado Jun Fukuyama
  • Kuya Takuma Terashima
  • ginnojo Yuuichirou Umehara
  • aoi Shun Horie
  • yura Takuma Nagatsuka
Jun FukuyamaJun Fukuyama

It was rewarding to perform Koga’s character knowing how much thought had gone into every detail behind him. I did my best to show the charms of the game through my voice work, so I hope that you can enjoy playing it and meeting its unique cast of characters.

Kuya Takuma TerashimaKuya Takuma TerashimaKuya Takuma Terashima

Kuya is a character that always seems somehow detached even in the middle of a conversation, so I took care to make him seem sleepy and half in his own world. I also tried hard not to try too hard, haha. Still, I did have to be careful that everything I said could be clearly understood, so please play the game and meet up with Kuya to check that everything turned out okay!

ginnojo Yuuichirou Umeharaginnojo Yuuichirou Umeharaginnojo Yuuichirou Umehara

Ginnojo is a surviving member of the Shinsengumi, so I kept the tough, stern nature of a warrior in mind when I voiced him. At the same time, I tried to convey a sort of softness that keeps him from being unapproachable. He’s a dependable man who can hold some old-fashioned views at times, and I hope people can play the game and discover his charms for themselves.

aoi Shun Horieaoi Shun Horie

Aoi’s kind of what you get when you cross a “tsundere” with your mother. Even though his words can be prickly, he really wants the best for his friends and is always thinking about them. I hope everyone can see the sweet side behind Aoi’s sharp tongue.

Yura Takuma Nagatsuka

Recording Yura really gave me a feeling for what sort of person he is. He looks young but is actually very old, so I worked hard to make sure I didn’t lean too far in either direction when voicing him. I also feel like he has a sexy side that he isn’t even aware of himself, so I hope I can manage to bring that out, too.

  • Toichiro Yuri Kenji Nojima
  • Shizuki Shinnosuke Tachibana
  • Gaku Sho Nogami
  • Oji Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Kuro Yoshiki Nakajima
Kenji NojimaJun Kenji Nojima

I haven’t played many Kitsune before, but I worked on this role together with our staff hoping to bring out what makes this character different from an ordinary human trickster. I was really able to delve into this role and spend a lot of valuable time refining it, so I hope people enjoy hearing that in the game.

Shizuki Shinnosuke TachibanaShizuki Shinnosuke TachibanaShizuki Shinnosuke Tachibana

Shizuki’s a very “cool” character, so I developed him by keeping an emotionless, flat nuance to my voice work. I voice a lot of “cool” characters, but most of them have been more upfront about their emotions, so Shizuki’s a new kind of character for me in that respect. Working on this role was like building a new chest of drawers with all sorts of surprises inside, so I hope people enjoy seeing that.

Gaku Sho NogamiGaku Sho NogamiGaku Sho Nogami

Gaku speaks bluntly, but doesn’t let his emotions get the better of him. He’s very factual and straight-to-the-point. I’ve never actually played a character like him before, so it was a struggle – in a good way. It was a new challenge for me.

Oji Yoshimasa HosoyaOji Yoshimasa HosoyaOji Yoshimasa Hosoya

In the script for Oji, he spends an awful lot of time talking about how old he is. When I do my radio work, I sometimes make fun of my own age and call myself “ossan,” but it never feels as weird as using “ojisan” like Oji does. After experiencing how weird that felt during the recording, I made a tiny vow to myself never to call myself “ojisan” no matter how old I get.

Kuro Yoshiki NakajimaKuro Yoshiki NakajimaKuro Yoshiki Nakajima

Kuro’s so active and cheerful that I was practically out of breath after we finished recording for him! There’s still a lot about this character that hasn’t been revealed yet, so I hope everyone can look forward to seeing more of his cuteness – along with the other, more mysterious parts of him.

  • Yakumo Koizumi Yuki Kaji
  • Tatsuomi Oyama Daiki Hamano
  • Akiyasu Kurahashi Ryohei Kimura
  • Kagemaru Tsubasa Yonaga
  • Nachi Yuki Ono
Yakumo Koizumi Yuki KajiYakumo Koizumi Yuki KajiYakumo Koizumi Yuki Kaji

This character seems like he’s always standing there with a gentle smile on his face, but there’s something mysterious about him, too. I hope everyone can watch and listen carefully throughout the story and watch for the changes in his expression. All will be revealed someday, I’m sure!

Tatsuomi Oyama Daiki HamanoTatsuomi Oyama Daiki HamanoTatsuomi Oyama Daiki Hamano

I’m Daiki Hamano, and I play Tatsuomi Oyama – the only childhood friend character in the wonderful world of Ayakashi: Romance Reborn! So here he is – a character that will watch warmly over the MC and support her no matter what! Please be nice to Tatsu and enjoy his big-brotherly charms.

Akiyasu Kurahashi Ryohei KimuraAkiyasu Kurahashi Ryohei KimuraAkiyasu Kurahashi Ryohei Kimura

I feel like I did a solid job of creating Akiyasu’s character. The story is interesting and contains a lot of development and revelations. There are lots of other interesting characters, too, so I hope people enjoy meeting them. I’d like to voice more of the interactions between Akiyasu and the characters in later parts of the story.

Kagemaru Tsubasa YonagaKagemaru Tsubasa YonagaKagemaru Tsubasa Yonaga

Kagemaru’s a man of mystery, so it was exciting to get to see how he was involved with the MC and the other characters as I was recording. He works as a geisha, too, so I also had a lot of fun showing that different side of him. I hope I got to show off my more masculine side, too. I can’t wait to keep reading the story to find out more about Kagemaru along with all of you!

Nachi Yuki OnoNachi Yuki OnoNachi Yuki Ono

The story shows a lot of how sweet and kind Nachi is, so I did my best to convey that side of him so that everyone would love him as much as he deserves. I’m excited to find out what happens beyond the parts we recorded for this session, so I hope that I can keep on playing more of this character and see how the story ends with everyone else!

Kyonosuke Aizen Tetsuya KakiharaKyonosuke Aizen Tetsuya KakiharaKyonosuke Aizen Tetsuya Kakihara

I work on a radio program that introduces new information on Voltage’s apps, but this was my first time actually performing a character. I went into the role hoping to help make Aizen a character that would stick in everyone’s memories. It was an honor to have a part in such a big project! I hope lots of people enjoy playing it. Aizen’s an interesting guy!