How to play

  • About the Shop

    1. What can I find at the Item Shop?

      You can buy Fashion Items for clearing Story Missions, as well as Pearls and Love Passes for reading the Main Story!Some Items can be bought with Coins here, and if you do choose to buy Pearls,the more you buy,the more you will save!

    2. Where is the Item Shop?

      Tap the Menu Button on the top right of the Home Screen and select Buy/Use from the Main Menu.

    3. Buying Fashion Items

      From the Shop,choose the Fashion option to see what is available for purchase.
      Some Items are available for purchase with either Pearls or Coins.If you have already purchased an item,Thank you! will appear next to the Item in the Shop Menu.
      There are no refunds offered for purchased Items (though you may discard them from your Closet),nor is there a trading system for Clothing Items,so please be careful when making your purchases.

  • About Your Items

    1. What can I do with Pearls other
      than purchasing Fashion Items?

      Get Skill Points You can exchange 1 Pearl to get 300 Skill Points.Restore Energy Hearts You can exchange 1 Pearl to get 4 Energy Hearts(enough to Train Skills twice),or you can use 2 Pearls at once to recover all of your Energy Hearts(10,or a total of 5 Skill Training sessions).
      Expand your Closet & Storage for Fashion & Castle Items You can exchange 1 Pearl for 5 Closet Spaces,or 5 Storage Spaces.Having more space means you can get more Items and increase your Items Score!

    2. How do I restore
      my Love Passes?

      You may buy Love Passes from the Shop at any time you like.However,you can only use 5 Love Passes at a time.Once you run out,you can restore your Love Passes by using the ones you have via Buy/Use in the Menu.You may also have Love Passes saved from Promos,so make sure to check the Info button on the top right of the Home Screen to see if you have any unreceived Items!

    3. How much Energy do I need,
      and how do I restore it?

      You need 2 Energy Hearts(displayed as 1 full heart on the gauge when Training Skills) to Train Skills.You can restore Energy using Pearls from your Items Menu,use Energy Hearts,or wait.2 Energy Hearts(enough to Train Skills once)will be restored every hour.You can use up to 10 Energy Hearts(enough for 5 Skill Training sessions)at a time.