How to Play

Monthly Access Pass FAQ

A: The “Be a monthly pass holder for x months” refers to the amount of months you have been subscribed in a row. Therefore, if there is an interruption in payment, the count will reset to the first month. Ex. 10/10 months > subscription stopped > Mission reset to 1/10 months

A: The subscription can only be cancelled by going to your App Store/Google Play Store account and manually cancelling it. Deleting the app or transferring to a new device will not cancel the subscription.

*Restrictions apply.
**Ending Sets and Love Choice stories cannot be acquired with the pass.
*** You can accumulate up to 5 free stories at one time.

Collector’s edition FAQ

A: The Collector’s Edition is a copy of a Love Choice story that you can read without wait times from any episode of your choice!

A: Further details can be found in the app during the campaign.

A: Nope! All Heart choices you made as you read through the story will be unlocked already when you reread it. Any remaining Heart choices that were not made during your initial play-through will need to be chosen using Hearts during your next one.

A: You can receive the Collector’s Edition of a story by meeting the indicated requirements during a Collector’s Edition campaign. The Collector’s Edition will be unlocked once the campaign is over.

*Things to keep in mind

When transferring from one device to another, Heart choices will not be transferred over.

Login Bonus FAQ

About the Login Bonus

The login bonus is what will provide you with free coins when you start up the app. They can be used to read the stories of your favorite characters!
There is a total of 15 bonuses – 12 “Normal” bonuses, 2 “Silver” bonuses, and 1 final “Gold” bonus. The accumulated bonuses do not reset if you do not log in for a day or two; they continue right where you left off! Also, the bonuses are set within an 18 day time frame*, giving you a couple of extra days of leeway so you can get to the Gold bonus!

*The period length may vary.

A: Each bonus has 4 different “fortunes”: Lucky, Super Lucky, Mega Lucky, and Ultra Mega Lucky.
For the Normal bonus, you have a chance of getting 2, 3, 5, or 10 coins. For the Silver bonus it is 5, 10, 20, or 120 coins. And lastly, for the Gold bonus it is 10, 20, 60, or 240 coins.

A: Since there are 15 bonuses within an 18 day period, there is a couple of days of leeway so that everyone can have a chance at getting the final gold bonus. As a result, if all 15 bonuses are received by logging in 15 days in a row, you will have to wait until the next bonus period starts again before you can start getting the next batch of login bonuses.

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