Court of Darkness

Your life in the magical realm begins at an elite academy full of princes and their servants.
There, you learn to cast arcane spells and dance at balls. This world is utterly unlike anything you’ve ever known.
Yet as these royals clash and campaign for the magic contained within you, you find yourself captivated by their charms.
How will you respond to these princes? And what will you do once you unlock your true power?

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  • The Distant,
    Dashing Ruler
    Guy Avari

  • The Loveable,
    Lethargic Angel
    Lynt Akedia

  • The Artful,
    Enticing Adept
    Fenn Luxure

  • The Sharp,
    Exquisite Intriguer
    Toa Qelsum

  • The Perfect,
    Proper(?) Prince
    Roy Invidia
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